Okeechobee fishing Adventures with Steve Daniel

Lake Okeechobee

A Trip of a Lifetime

Everyday is an adventure Okeechobee


The Teacher, Coach & Top Captain Steve Daniel

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Steve Is know as

"The teacher of Bass Fishing" and among the most talented in the fishing industry. Steve is a 3 time FLW Champion, 2 being on Lake Okeechobee, 1st FLW Forrest Cup Champion, Bassmaster Elite Classic Qualifier. Steve has guided 30+years 0n Lake Okeechobee, fisherman of all skill levels, from the most experienced to the novice. A day fishing Lake Okeechobee with Steve is not just a day on the water, "It's an Adventure". It would be Steve's pleasure to put his extensive experience to work for you and make your day on Okeechobee "an adventure of a life time".


(863) 885-2230 (239) 560-2704